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Final Files
Deadline to upload files to Dropbox is this Friday, December 16th before midnight. Please save to your Dropbox folder the following things: 1. Dropcaps as Single Letters in JPG format 2. Zine 3. Gig Poster 4. States Project 5. Dropcaps as Poster – When saving everything, please label each project with your name in the [...] Read more – ‘Final Files’.
States! States! States!
Examples from Last Semester on On Instagram! —— GD Max Breaux CA, NM, HI Katie Caraher VA, DE, MD Jonathan Chen AK, CA, NY Jihae Choe NY, IL, PA Christina Hyrkas MD, WV, CA Jae Jang Tao Lin CT, OH, PA Sofia Rembalsky MA, AK, FL Gabriela Trujillo NY, FL, NC —— IL Brianna Gooch [...] Read more – ‘States! States! States!’.
Make a State-ment Finally!
As illustrators and designers, we often have to work on spot illustrations and lettering for different publications and projects. Those little illustrations can be really fun to draw and pretty quick to turn around. We are going to take a little spin on the idea of a spot illustration and make mini posters to represent [...] Read more – ‘Make a State-ment Finally!’.
Gig Poster Updates
Hi guys! Below is a list of each person in the class and the band/musician that they drew and/or traded from the magic hat of names. Those of you who missed class were randomly assigned a band/musician. This is your artists that you must design a poster for. Sorry for the little switcheroo. GD Max [...] Read more – ‘Gig Poster Updates’.
Ink, Pens, & Brushes
Kuretake No. 8 Fountain Brush Pen Buy on Amazon Kuretake Sumi Brush Pen- Red Barrel Buy on Amazon Faber-Castell Brush Nib Buy on Dick Blick Faber-Castell Soft Brush Nib Buy on Dick Blick Pentel Fude Brush Pen, Medium Buy on Amazon Higgins Pigmented Drawing Ink, Black Buy on Amazon Read more – ‘Ink, Pens, & Brushes’.
Jamie Mixon
cargocollective.com/jburwellmixon – Read more – ‘Jamie Mixon’.
Gig Posters
YAY POSTERS! DETAILS 1. Size: 18” x 24” or equivalent dimensions. 2. Full Color / Full Bleed 3. Must include: — Artists’ Name — Dates/Times — Location/Address — Ticket Info/Web address GOALS - Express the vibe/style of the music of the artist through mark making. - Become comfortable with a brush and ink to create [...] Read more – ‘Gig Posters’.
Templates for Zine!
11×17 Template for a Zine! HERE HERE __ Lines for trying out different lettering styles! HERE Read more – ‘Templates for Zine!’.
Download PDF HERE! – ZINES Zines are most commonly used as small circulation self-published folios of original or appropriated texts and images, and they are usually reproduced via photocopier. They are meant to be cheap, quick, and simple ways to disseminate information and ideas. We are not talking about the September Issue here. These are [...] Read more – ‘ZINES!’.
Drop Caps
Download PDF here. Each week, we will create 2 DROPCAPS until we complete the alphabet. We will start with letters A & B, and each week will add on 2 more. i.e. C & D, E & F, G & H, etc… The only rule that you have to follow is that the final size [...] Read more – ‘Drop Caps’.

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