Gig Poster Updates

by admin

Hi guys!

Below is a list of each person in the class and the band/musician that they drew and/or traded from the magic hat of names. Those of you who missed class were randomly assigned a band/musician. This is your artists that you must design a poster for. Sorry for the little switcheroo. :)

Max — The Strokes
Katie — Arctic Monkeys
Jonathan — Trey Songz
Jihae — Metalica
Christina — The Chain Smokers
Jae — Marilyn Manson
Tao — JAM Project
Sofia — Pillar Point
Gabriela — Coldplay

Brianna — Odesza
Sandra — OK Go
Caroline — Mumford & Sons
Edie — Siouxsie & The Banshees
Sarah — Ailee
Caitlin — Dean
Hannah — Drive By Truckers
Wenjia — Talking Heads